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Thursday, 10 October 2013

The World's Most Valuable Coin: 10 Million For 1794 Silver Dollar

Since the coin is the basic subject of the blog, we try to discuss about the coins from all over the world and today we are talking about the American coins. It is important to tell you that in the last January 24, 2012, Stack Bowers auctioned a silver dollar ‘flowing hair’ 1794 to the fortune of $ 10,016,875. It is the highest price ever achieved at auction for a coin. The previous record was the same house in conjunction with Sotheby's, to be sold in 2002 Double Eagle, 1933 for the impressive sum of $7,590,020.

This remarkable figure was apparently the result of a hard struggle between various stakeholders for the reason that this coin depicts allegedly the best known example of this coinage with excellent gradation which in the opinion of the quite a few experts suggests that this is the first piece produced in 1794, the year when silver dollars were issued for the first time. This money would then be the first dollar of history, a title account that explains of its value.

The coins collators can get the Silver JFK half dollars at a reasonable price fro the online store if they are willing to increase their coin treasure.

The coin was acquired by the house numismatic Legend Numismatics, and the owners said that they were willing to pay much more to be done yet this piece, which they have no intention of selling it for a while. Certainly consider it an excellent investment and its value will raise considerably over the passing time.

I think this record is a clear indication of the general trend of global numismatic market which extends to the specific market of Greek and Roman coins. It seems that, for the moment, the value of the most coveted pieces is no roof and would not surprise me that this year we saw other auctions with spectacular values.

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