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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Spectacular Unique Pieces In The Auction Of Gorny & Mosch

This year I have not devoted much attention to my posts to the auctions because I think there are already many sites that specialize in this area and do a good job about reviewing them. However I can not pass over in silence of the appearance of a couple of pieces of particular interest, both from the point of view and from the historical numismatic between auctions, 215 of the German Gorny & Mosch to be held on 14 October in Munich.

The auction includes, of course, many other important pieces, but I would like to highlight two particularly striking because they are of great quality pieces that are also unique and original.

The first one is a Herculius Maximian argenteus, coined in Serdica and only this single specimen is known, particularly notable for its portrait of Maximian in the front with a nose more prominent. The emperor appears to be dressed as a consul and carrying in his hand the "map" of one branch of the laurel. The estimated value of this coin is more or less five thousand euros.

The second is, without doubt, the star of the entire auction which is a multiple of 6 solid gold coin of Constantine minted in Nicomedia to celebrate 30 years on the throne; it is surely a unique one. The portrait is superb with all the classic features in Constantinian style and has placed the great emphasis on particularly detailed representation of the imperial diadem.

The estimated price is around one hindered and fifty thousand euros and this medallion makes a lot more value in the auction. The coin piece was acquired in the year 1972 and remained in the hands of a single collector for 40 years since then.

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