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Monday, 7 October 2013

Monetary History Of Maximino Rome To Gordian III – The Last Part

This post is being written in the sequence as the third and the last part.

Maximin marched with an army to Italy with determination to crush the insurgents. At first glance, the makeshift army assembled by his opponents seemed to be no match for his experienced troops. However, instead of moving quickly toward the capital, Maximino was delayed at the site of the city of Aquileia. Although delay is, the old soldier still could have come out victorious, but their overemphasis on the effort and discipline generated only disaffection among his exhausted and demoralized troops. After four weeks, beginning June 238 - the army finally mutinied, killed Maximino and recognized Pupienus, Balbinus and Gordian III as the legitimate sovereigns.

The news of the death of Maximin was enthusiastically received in Ravenna and Rome. Balbinus and Pupienus was recognized throughout the empire, but his situation did not stop therefore being precarious. The differences between them are added to the problem of what role awarded to Gordian III. The main problem, however, was economic. To finance his campaign against Maximino and donations that any new Emperor should grant the troops, and Balbinus reintroduced Pupienus Antoninianus, currency invented by Caracalla about 25 years earlier, but now wedging millionaire quantities and with a silver content even lower. Its nominal value was two pence, but its silver content represented only 70% of the silver content of these two currencies. Thus, the Roman monetary system virtually be passed trustee as the metal backing the currency value would, from this point, merely symbolic.

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Balbinus Pupienus never won the confidence of the army and after just two months in office, in early August 238, were killed in Rome by the Praetorian Guard, who proclaimed the young Gordian III as Augustus. Over the coming years, the rule would be controlled by the directors of the young emperor who would encourage showing respect for the Senate and restore their ancient rights and privileges. The new government tried to avoid a reputation for rapacity which had proved so costly to Maximino, and efforts were made to reduce the tax burden. The solution was, again, the deterioration of the coins. The denarius minting stopped and antoninianus astronomical figures came in suffering the gradual deterioration of their quality throughout their reign.

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