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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Story of Binio (The Double Aureus) Of Galo Trebonianus – Component # 2

This post is in continuity with the last one.

David Sear considered likely that the Binio had been valued according to their weight (Roman Coins and their values, vol. III, p. 227) but if so, would have had no incentive to introduce this new currency. In my opinion, the purpose of the Roman state was that the coin would be accepted at face value, at least by those who receive the latter, which have been mostly soldiers and officials. It is difficult, however, that then circulated Binio its market value when the constant handling had already alerted golden economic actors about the need to determine the quality of each part used in a the transaction.

The production of nuismática the brief reign of Galo also distinguished by the originality of some of its reverse types which can only be interpreted as allusions to the complex situation of the empire in those years. The Binio is a clear example. Its back to the representation of Apollo "healer" should be interpreted, no doubt, as a request to God to release Rome from the suffering caused by the plague.

The End

Reassured temporarily Danube front, new problems erupted in the East. In 251, Shapur annexed Armenia, and soon after took Nisibis. In a brilliant lightning campaign the following year would capture Antioch. From 252 until well into the 253, the Persians terrorized the surrounding area, but the population of the region organized his own military resistance against the enemy, making Shapur saw eventually forced to retire. Since the summer of 253, the proclamation of Emilio Marco Emiliano-Galo's successor as governor of Moesia, by his troops. His subsequent march on Rome to face the Gothic king Galo Cniva encouraged to take advantage of the situation and renew hostilities. As had been few troops in the province could advance without much trouble to Macedonia. At the same time, Emiliano out winner of the civil war and was killed Galo.

The target may have been backed Emiliano the Danube to ensure that border before proceeding against Persia, however, faced a new rival for dominance of the imperial throne, Valeriano. The armies of the two met in September of 253, near Spoletium, where Emiliano, before the start of the fight, was killed by his own men who recognized as the emperor Valerian.
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