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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Why Decio Coined The "Number Of The Division? – A Probable Hypothesis

The antique coins are always of interest to talk about as they have something appealing and historical background to be discussed. As we saw it in some other post, despite the conservative propaganda and his tribute to the virtues of the past, the reign of Decius involved no break in the deterioration of Roman coins. While paying tribute to the emperors of the past, the deniers of the past that were circulating were just as antoninianus, thus, doubling its value without modifying their metal content.

Recoinage process meant the effective end of virtually every denarii that were still outstanding and many better quality antoniniani minted before 250 AD, those who were not cast in the mints of the empire were hidden by their owners as demonstrates the great treasure hidden by the years in Reka Devnia's greatest treasure-product known dinars without doubt the insecurity generated in the area of the Danube by the invasion of the Goths under the leadership of King Cniva, but monetary policy Decius.

For Kenneth Harl, recoinage process must have been accompanied by a revaluation of the gold that from this time must have passed 25 antoniniani worth to preserve between these currencies a cup of fair change, the relative value of silver and gold.

The Roman public was accustomed to using a heterogeneous circulating coinage which lived several emperors. Recoinage process radically changed this reality generating a significant level of homogenization. It is possible, therefore, that the issue antoniniani series dedicated to deified emperors of the past looked not only to pay tribute to these sovereigns, but also reintroduce the family faces were disappearing by the recoinage and restore artificially; in this way, the heterogeneity of circulating the Roman public was accustomed to get their hands on. The goal was undoubtedly to facilitate the acceptance of the new coins and build confidence in the value thereof. Recall that the Emperor Trajan had resorted to such a measure in the early AD minted silver coins imitating historical types when a process made them disappear in recoinage Roman circulating.

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